Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Would you like to receive your Purolator Package without requiring a signature?

A: Please click here to download the form to fill out and post on your front door.

Q: When will I receive my items?

A: Thank you so much for your order. We have received thousands of orders in the last month and we are a small four-person operation. We are doing our best to pull, pack and ship your orders in a timely fashion. The moment your items are shipped to you will receive an email with your tracking information. If you have not yet received your tracking information that means we have not had a chance to ship your order yet but do not worry it will be sent out as soon as we can. We do not promise arrival dates for this reason, we ship orders in the sequence that they arrive in to be fair to everyone that orders.

Q: My order does not appear to be going through on your website please help!

A: You do have to register on our website before you are able to order. You will find the Register button on the top upper right-hand corner of the website. Once you are registered there may still be a few reasons your order is not going through. We are having a large volume on the website and sometimes that affects orders going through. If you are on a school or business computer, the firewall might be preventing the order from completing. We would suggest trying another day, time of day and/or from a home computer. If none of this works. Please do not hesitate to send us an email and we will try to walk through the process with you as soon as we have the time.

Q: I just placed my order and I need to change something.

A: We are really very sorry but unfortunately once an order is placed, we are not able to make any changes. We know this is inconvenient and we apologize, but we do not have the staff or the capacity to make changes on orders that come in. Our fulfillment center is not at the same location as our offices, and you would be shocked at how many people request changes once an order is placed!

Q: Can I pick up my order?

A: Unfortunately, no you cannot. We are sorry and we apologize for this inconvenience. We do not have a storefront and the only way to receive you order is for it to be shipped to you. We are working on getting Distributor Partners so that you can purchase and pickup shirts in a more convenient location. In Western Canada we currently have London Drugs, and we will be listing a few more once we can confirm they have stock.

Q: Will you be getting more stock, the size or quantity I want to order is now currently unavailable?

A: We are working on getting more stock, but it is taking longer than we expected due to the high demand for Orange Shirts right now. Please join our newsletter to receive updates and keep checking back on the website for stock.

Q: What is the shirt made of? Is it ethically made?

A: A: Our shirts are 100% cotton. Yes, please rest assured that our shirts are all ethically made. The Authentic T-Shirt Company@ dba SanMar Canada adheres to all applicable laws and regulations for Canada.
All our products are compliant to

  • Canada Consumer Product Safety Act
  • Textile Flammability Regulations

We also encourage and partner with our suppliers and contractors to abide by the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Productions (WRAP) Social Compliance Certificate Organization.

Q: Why are your shipping costs so high?

A: We do know that our shipping costs tend to be a bit higher than what people expect and we do apologize for this. We require a signature and tracking on every package that we ship. This is the way to ensure that people are receiving their packages, and so we know where they are in the transit process. Sometimes packages are left at business front desks, or at your door with another person and this is a way that we can help people locate their package if it seems like it has gone missing.
We are also a small business; we do not get any volume discounts like big companies such as Amazon. This is an issue that we are always working on, and we hope to find a way to bring the costs down and keep the same customer service level that we currently have.

Q: I think I placed an order, did my order go through?

A: If you did not receive an email confirmation with an order number, then your order did not go through. We suggest trying your order again. If your ordering is repeatedly not going through it could be high firewalls or just a very busy volume time on our website. We would suggest trying again on a home computer and/or another time of day.

Q: My order did not complete but I can see a charge on my credit card.

A: In the ordering process we do have a pre-authorization charge that does go through. This will show on your credit card for 2-3 days, but it will not go through, and you will not actually be charged. Please check your credit card in a few days and you will see that the charge has disappeared.

Q: How do I do a bulk order?

A: All bulk orders can go through our website. A 10% discount will automatically be calculated when 48+ shirts are added to the cart.

Q: Can I get a shipping quote?

A: Shipping quotes vary on what items you are ordering and where you are located. The best way to get a shipping quote is to register through the website (you will find registration at top right-hand corner of the website), put the items you are looking to purchase in your cart, before you check out the website will give you two shipping options to choose from. If you do not like either shipping quote you are not obligated to complete your order.

Q: Can I order shirts from 2017, 2018, 2019 or 2020?

A: Currently we are concentrating on keeping our 2021 design stocked on our website. This is something that we may consider in the fall. You can sign up for our Newsletter and then you will hear if we go ahead with restocking previous years’ designs.

Q: Can I order over the phone?

A: As much as we would love to take orders over the phone, we just are not able to. We do not have enough staff or the processes in place to be able to accommodate this. Please order through our website. We apologize for any inconvenience that this causes.

Q: What if I do not have a credit card – how can I order?

A: Our new website upon check out you can choose to pay with etransfer or credit card. We ask that you when you etransfer you included your order number in the message section so that we can easily match up your payment to your order.

Q: My tracking number is not working?

A: We ship through Purolator and Canada Post. Please ensure that you are putting your tracking number on the correct website for tracking. We have found if you click through on your phone, it can automatically try to bring you to the FedEx website and tell you your tracking number is invalid!