About Us


I Patricia Lessard am the owner of Leading Edge Promo in Langley, BC. We supply branded apparel and promotional products to businesses, schools, non-profits and various associations.

 I was one of those people who until a few years ago didn’t know anything about residential schools. A good friend of mine Cecelia Reekie was a Trustee for our school board at the time the report for Truth and Reconciliation came out. Cecilia is proud of her aboriginal roots and culture and her father is a residential school survivor.

 Cecilia shared the story of residential schools to me and I was horrified, I cried and was almost sick to my stomach that our country could perpetrate such pain and suffering on our children shook me to my core.


Cecelia knowing I do t-shirts and her passion to promote the Journey to Reconciliation had us partner up to do some orange shirts for our school district. Cecilia did not run for re-election as a Trustee so that she could dedicate herself to Reconciliation. She is an amazing Cultural Presenter in our community.


Cecelia taught me that it I should be asking the originators of Orange Shirt Day for permission and preferably their blessing to do orange shirts. That’s when I reached out to find who that was, and found

Phyllis Jack-Webstad. She graciously gave me her permission and blessing to do orange shirts. The second year I was asked by Phyllis to help her with a web page to sell t-shirts and felt honoured to be chosen to help.

 This is this year’s page and we have added a few new items to test the market to see if people would like a few other items. Please check it out.

 Wishing everyone love and happiness as we make this journey towards reconciliation.


Patricia Lessard


PS If you are interested, here is a link to the report http://nctr.ca/reports.php